Affordable Machine
Learning Solutions

Built to empower businesses to be efficient, profitable and competitive.

Data is the New Gold

In data science, the journey starts with getting the right data. Data is complex that’s why we make sure we have the right data sets in our training models. We collect data from the most trusted sources including both public and private sources and refine it to make sure it’s right for your business.

Analytics at your fingertips

We give you the ability to quickly view your data via our rich dashboards as well as customized views that work for your business.

Real-Time Decision Making

With the strong prediction accuracy of our supervised and unsupervised machine learning models you can run several ‘what-if’ analysis scenarios for real-time decision making.

machine learning
Machine Learning Insights on the fly

We use simple business metrics in plain language that can be used to predict various outcomes without any prior machine learning experience.

Why use the Akraya Engine?

Prebuilt Models

We have trained various models to a certain accuracy. Just upload your data and see the easily explainable results and predictions that you can use to drive everyday business decisions.

Simple Workflow with Deep Insights

Our workflow is pretty simple to follow and loaded with extremely powerful insights. We have user manuals to guide you at each step because we understand your time is valuable.

Constant Improvement

We keep training and upgrading our models with constant and transferable learning to provide robust machine learning and deep learning insights.

24/7 Customized Support

We have a team of trained data scientists and machine learning specialists who can partner with you at every step of your analysis.

Ideas built on our Machine Learning platform

At Akarya AI, we believe that machine learning solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Businesses not only face the challenge of making timely decisions and investments in today’s market, but also face the challenge of needing the right information on hand to make those decisions. With that in mind, we conduct detailed studies of your industry, market, and the business models you operate in. Our partnership with you starts with your business goals in mind and we support our clients at each step of their projects. Our Akraya AI engine is designed to support a host of industries, our data scientists are experienced and our machine learning models are built with an emphasis on efficiency, profitability, and market understanding.