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Intelligence Powered Response for Respondents

Catastrophe response organizations are critical when a disaster strikes. With advanced data science analytics, we empower organizations through cost effective solutions that deliver a greater, more prepared, response for customers and populations served.

Catastrophe Response Applications

Akraya AI solutions delivers the power of data science without the data scientists. Response teams have the ability to see further into historical data, ask questions of data and get real time answers and make predictions and be ahead of necessary maintenance and resources.

  • Embedded Dashboards
  • Perform What-if analyses
  • Get real time answers of questions asked from data
  • Image Analyses
  • Predictive Maintenance and Analysis
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Resource Allocation

How it works

Real time Insights for Decisions Now

Catastrophe Response organizations have vital roles in our society from saving lives to the recovery efforts of our cities and states. With futuristic insights from data responses, teams are able make better decisions. With the use of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models and algorithms, combined with the cutting edge AWS Machine Learning environment, we can parameterize and show visually hidden patterns in data that help businesses become efficient, prepared, and profitable.