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Bring powerful new insights into your Healthcare Network

Our HIPAA compliant AI solutions deliver a host of cost-effective comprehensive services designed for efficiency and productivity across the entire patient care network.

Healthcare Applications

Akraya AI easily transforms your raw data into meaningful medical information to FHIR industry standard. It can show trends and predictions over time for individuals or across entire populations.

  • Health Pattern Analysis
  • Disease Forecasting
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Resource Allocation
  • Smart Personalization
  • Embedded Dashboards
  • Perform What-if analyses
  • ML Predictive analysis
  • Get real time answers of questions asked from data

How it works

Analytics the New Partner of Healthcare

The healthcare sector always has been heavily dependent and driven by technology. With the advent of big data technologies and advanced analytics, many additional benefits have opened up for healthcare solutions. Akraya AI’s health solutions deliver cost effective services to hospitals, health insurance provides, pharmacies and other patient care providers.