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AI solutions and Machine Learning Powering the Insurance of the Future

At Akraya AI understanding your market needs is our priority. Our AI Solutions are customizable and optimized to a changing market with an emphasis on efficiency, forecasting and preparedness while boosting profitability and lowering operational costs.

Insurance Applications

Data has always played a central role in the insurance industry, and today, insurance carriers have access to more of it than ever before. Most insurance companies process only 8-10 % of their structured data they have traditionally. Analysing this unstructured data and using it to drive better business decisions requires advanced data science techniques. Emerging data analytics technologies centred on machine learning bring order and purpose to this unstructured data so that it can be more effectively mined for business insights. The potential insurance use cases are in:

  • Claims Processing
  • Catastrophe Event Analysis
  • Claims Fraud
  • Underwriting
  • Actuarial works
  • Insurance Marketing
  • Claims Litigation

How it works

Machine Learning Giving Insurance The Accuracy It Needs

Akaraya AI business analytic solutions takes large amounts of structured and unstructured data then uses it to drive better business decisions. Our emerging and customizable data analytics technologies are centered on leveraging advance data science and machine learning to bring order and purpose to data so that it can be more effectively mined for business insights, all while lowering costs.