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Affordable Machine Learning Solutions

Our affordable machine learning solutions provide a competitive edge by being cost-effective without requiring multi-year contracts.

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Realtime Predictive Modeling

Our real-time predictive models are deployed to perform predictions on a continuous stream of event data to enable real-time decision-making.

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Powerful Machine learning Insights

Our advanced algorithms find natural patterns in data that generate insight and help you make better decisions and predictions.

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HIPAA Eligible Healthcare Solutions

Our healthcare solutions are powered by our industry-leading service providers, transforming raw data into meaningful medical data at FHIR industry standards.

Industry Specific Cloud Based AI Solutions

We offer a variety of cloud services, tools, and applications optimized for the most important use cases in multiple industries.

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Focused Marketing and Growth

Get to know your competition, understand the overall dynamics of market forces and let machine learning solutions guide your next business strategy.

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Customizable AI tools for Your Business

We offer several AI solutions customized for your specific market and region. Give your business the added advantage of insight and efficiency while offering a more tailored experience to your customers.

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AI Driven Data Security

We secure and analyze massive amounts of data and provide automated techniques so that if threats are detected they are quickly neutralized to allow for the smooth, continuous running of your applications.


Our Akraya Engine makes the best possible use of your business’s resources. Whether that’s updating outdated rule-based systems, or minimizing the breakdown of equipment by suggesting timely preventive maintenance. Our AI products maximize business efficiency by leveraging data for previously unknown insights, improving competitiveness and brand loyalty.


We understand the niche of your business and the market you are in. With our host of products, we use machine learning's predictive technologies to extract deep insights to drive better decision making. Machine learning not only generates efficiency but also supports economies of scale for exponential growth.


The dynamics of the market change every moment and when it comes to your business we put you ahead. Here at Akraya AI, we do the research on changing dynamics such as regulations, evolving markets and customer behavior, and put them in our algorithms. This means that companies using our engine will get futuristic data insights much faster and will be able to apply them to their organizational strategy before the competition.


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